Galactic Ultra Nebula

Galactic Ultra Nebula is an over-the-top sci-fi shooter, focused on choice-based player growth and fast paced combat. This is set on a colorful alien planet and accompanied by a banger 80’s synth soundtrack that changes with the player’s choices.

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Malou Gundersen Art Director

Rasmus Enemark Audio Designer

Mickie Clausen Composer

Christian Møhlenberg Game & Level Designer

Fábián Demeter Game & Level Designer

Frederik Aarestrup Carlsen Game & Level Designer

Freja Johansen Game & Level Designer

Mads Rosengreen Jørgensen Game Director

Martin Dahl Sørensen Lead Programmer

Lasse Dige Producer

Andrei-Calin Mares Programmer

Marcus Otterstrøm Hyttel Programmer

Mikkel Baunsgaard Programmer

Mikkel Bjørndahl Kristensen Tøt Programmer

Morten Muhlig Programmer

Nicklas Behrndtz Programmer

Kasper Frydensberg Mohr Nielsen QA&UR Manager