This 2-player game requires you to cooperate in order to rescue the souls of your friends and family! One controls the lighthouse, whose light burns the demons, the other sails the boat that ferries the helpless souls. Journey into the heart of a savage Norse world flooded by the Gods!


Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre - Game Director

Rasmus Bording - Business Developer

Nicolai Broback - Programmer

Kristoffer Wulff Christiensen - Level Designer

Duy Tan Do - Art Director

Mads Peter Dyekjær - Business Developer

Nanna Kurtzmann Eldrup - Game Designer

Simon Bendsen Engelund - Project Manager

Mads Bang Hoffensetz - Lead Programmer

Sune H. - QA & UR manager

Esben Nyboe Jacobsen - Sound Designer

Mikkel Kusk Jørgensen - CG-artist

Dennis Hyltberg Klyver - Programmer

Anders Viborg Nielsen - Programmer

Nicklas Bo Nielsen - QA & UR manager

Rasmus ‘Alarmo-bot’ Albin Rolfsen - Programmer