Heartfelt is an isometric puzzle game in which you interact with the world by using your heart. You throw it in order to open new paths, lure enemies, and advance through the levels. However, it is vulnerable: if the enemies get to it, they'll do damage!


Mikkel Balslev, Programmer

Julie Lavard Brogaard, CG Artist

Casper Christiansen, Lead QA & UR Manager

Oana Andreea Dogaru, Project Manager

Mathias Gammelmark, Programmer

Thorbjørn Glindtvad, Audio Designer

Anders Ibsen, Programmer

Kasper Juul, Programmer

Mihajlo Kocić, Programmer

Jaime Monedero March, Game Director

Rasa Narkunaite, Art Director

Steffen Nielsen, Game Designer

Thomas Pedersen, Level Designer

Corentin Serrie, Lead Programmer

Ripudaman Singh, CG Artist

Mathias Stie-Svendsen, QA & UR Team Manager

Anton Vestergaard, QA & UR Manager

Emil Jonathan Wittendorff, Programmer