Still Here

Still Here is an interactive storytelling about dealing with grief and loss and how small things in life can help us letting go and move on. As the player it is your job to explore Mark and Susie’s life by interacting with different objects in their apartment. The more details about their life together you reveal, the closer you get to help Mark move on from the dark place of sorrow he is in. By doing so, the light can shine through his life again.


Brian Aastrøm - CG Artist & Animator

Thomas Aggerholm - Project Manager

Alexander Arendttorp - Lead Programmer

Thorsten Bausbek Nielsen - Level Designer

Isac Crafoord - Art Director

Tobias Dahl Nielsen - Sound Designer

Jonas Ebler Pedersen - QA & UR Manager Coordinator

Christian Fæster - Programmer

Camilla Kaufmann - Writer & Director

Astrid Kjellerup - Business Developer

Jannie Kjær Borg - QA & UR Manager

Søren Klebæk - Game Designer

Kiril Kolev - Programmer

Jon Larsen - Programmer

Simon Milfred - QA & UR Manager

Kristian Rokholm Jensen - Programmer

Kasper Vej - Business Developer