Waddle Away

The world faces a massive pollution problem. Now a giant evil corporation blames all penguins for polluting the planet. Their solution? Kill them all.

The Southpole is now filled with insane death traps, and the innocent, helpless penguins need your guidance to survive their dangerous travel across the ice.


Søren Domack Boserup - Art Director

Alin Cruceat - Programmer

Nicolai Elkjær Hansen - Sound Designer

Sindri Jóhannes - Programmer

Alina Jørgensen - Business Developer

Camilla Kaufmann - Game Director

Lasse Kiilerich - Game Designer

Louis Albert Kynd - Animator

Bo Sejer La Cour - Lead Programmer

Christopher Nelson - Level Designer

Jonas Nielsen - Business Developer

Ricki Skov Vestergaard Nielsen - QA Manager

Nicklas Arenth Pingel - Programmer

Laura Ramirez Lapena - Programmer

Sally Thit Buch Eriksen - CG Artist

Martin Vano - Programmer

Helle Vesti - Project Manager